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RE: Journal/Publisher 2010 price freeze info on MLA website


I would still base cuts primarily on usage and value to our 
collection & mission, but if I had to make choices between 
marginal titles, those without price increases would get an edge 
towards retention.  The price freezes will help me save titles 
overall, not just the titles with frozen prices.  By marginal I 
mean titles with usage on the low end of the spectrum that 
support smaller programs on campus.  The price freezes may 
actually help me add some titles!

Shirley Rais, MLS  -  Chair, Serials & Electronic Resources Dept.
Library Liaison to the School of Public Health
LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY | University Libraries
Loma Linda, California 92350

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It is gratifying to see that a number of publishers are foregoing 
price increases for the upcoming year.  Anecdotal evidence to 
date is that many of the libraries, if not most, are expecting 
budget cuts of around 10% or more. Sadly, despite the noble 
gestures of some, chances are that librarians would still need to 
cut some subscriptions.

If I may ask a question of librarians on this list:

Would a journal that did not increase its subscription price 
likely to be spared in your decision to cut?  Or, are the 
decisions likely to be based primarily on a journal's usage and 
its importance to the library "customers" and collection?

Nawin Gupta