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now publishers announces no price increases for 2010

For Immediate Release
Boston MA, July 24, 2009
Contact: Zac Rolnik, zac.rolnik@nowpublishers.com
Tel: +1-781-871-0245

2010 Prices and New Journal Announced

now publishers announces its new prices for 2010 and there will 
be no price increase for 2010.  This follows no price increases 
in 2005 and 2006. now publishers is committed to offering 
high-usage content at reasonable prices with fair licensing 
practices.  This commitment includes customer friendly policies 
such as unlimited concurrent usage, unlimited downloads for 
course packs, perpetual access, and third-party archiving.

Continuing to build its Foundations and Trends reference journal 
program, now publishers is announcing one new journal for 2010 -- 
Foundations and Trends in Robotics edited by Henrik Christensen @ 
Georgia Tech and Roland Siegwart @ ETH.

Complete price information and licensing conditions can be found 
at www.nowpublishers.com/pricelist.  To renew your subscriptions, 
please contact your subscription agent or contact 

About now publishers

now publishers is a privately owned company providing the 
research and library community with a partnership for publishing. 
The company brings a new approach to scholarly publishing, which 
values editors and authors, deploys a liberal and fair copyright 
policy, and provides librarians with value for money. now is 
committed to working with authors, editors, readers and 
librarians to publish insightful, in-depth reviews in as timely 
and efficient a manner as possible. Find out more by visiting