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MIT Press Freezes Online-Only & CogNet Prices for 2010

2010 pricing information for MIT Press journals is now available 
on the MITP Journals website: 

In response to budget pressures facing the library community, MIT 
Press will keep online-only pricing at 2009 levels for 2010. This 
applies to all journals as well as MITP's online collection of 
resources in the brain and cognitive sciences, CogNet 
http://cognet.mit.edu. For the majority of journals, the print + 
online option will see a very modest price increase for 2010.

Online-only packages are available from the Press, including a 
Full Package as well as discipline specific ones in Arts & 
Humanities; Economics; History, International Affairs & Political 
Science; and Science & Technology.

CogNet subscribers can take advantage of a discount on 
subscriptions to CISNet, an online collection of recent and 
classic books in Computer and Information Science from MIT Press. 
Contact cognetadmin@mit.edu for further details. For information 
on purchasing individual titles from our e-book store 
http://mitpress-ebooks.mit.edu, please e-mail ebooks@mit.edu

2010 will see the publication of Vol 2. of the International 
Journal of Learning & Media (IJLM) from MIT Press. IJLM is a 
quarterly, online-only journal that provides an international 
forum for scholars, researchers and practitioners to explore the 
relationship between emerging forms of media and learning. 
Through scholarly articles, editorials, case studies, and an 
active online network, IJLM publishes contributions that address 
the theoretical, textual, historical, and sociological dimensions 
of media and learning, as well as the practical and political 
issues at stake. While retaining the peer review process of a 
traditional academic journal, IJLM offers opportunities for more 
topical and polemical writing, for visual and multi-media 
presentations, and for online dialogues. Check out the first 
issue for free at http://ijlm.net

Nick Lindsay
Assistant Journals Manager
MIT Press