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U. Chicago Press Announces 2010 Journal Rates

**With Apologies for Cross-Posting**

The University of Chicago Press has released journal subscription 
rates for 2010. Subscription information and a complete list of 
titles are available at http://www.journals.uchicago.edu.  2010 
institutional rates are available for download at 

Important information for 2010:

   * The University of Chicago Press offers three subscription 
options--Print + Electronic, Print Only and Electronic Only--and 
two levels of electronic access (Basic and Unlimited).  Please 
refer to the 2010 institutional rate sheet to see the 
subscription options for each journal. Electronic journal 
subscriptions include access to both current and back issues of 
the journal.

   * Reduced pricing is also available to institutions subscribing 
to our full collection of journal titles with the Complete 
Chicago Package (CCP). This Unlimited Access subscription option 
provides affordable access to the comprehensive collection of the 
University of Chicago Press's distinguished portfolio of 
journals. The package includes access to over 40 titles in a wide 
range of disciplines. CCP subscribers also have the option to 
include institution-wide access to the Chicago Manual of Style 
Online - the indispensible online reference for all who work with 

   * New for 2010: We are pleased to announce that the National 
Bureau of Economics Research annual journal titles--NBER 
Macroeconomics Annual, NBER International Seminar on 
Macroeconomics, Innovation Policy and the Economy, and Tax Policy 
and the Economy--will be available electronically on a 
subscription basis. For 2010, access to the electronic editions 
of the NBER titles is available free in the Complete Chicago