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SAGE 2010 journals pricing now available

***Apologies for cross posting***

SAGE 2010 journals pricing is now available online: 

We are continuing our discounted rate off our base price 
(combined print and online subscription) as follows:

-10% discount off the combined base price for e-only 

-2% discount off the combined base price for print-only 

As more customers continue to move to e-only subscriptions, the 
10% discount off the base price will assist librarians making 
this transition.

There will be 26 new titles publishing with SAGE in 2010. These 

-Index on Censorship;

-The journals of the Association for Psychological Science:
  	-Psychological Science,
  	-Current Directions in Psychological Science,
  	-Psychological Science in the Public Interest and
  	-Perspectives on Psychological Science;

- The journals of the American Sociological Association:
  	-American Sociological Review,
  	-Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews,
  	-Journal of Health and Social Behavior,
  	-Social Psychology Quarterly,
  	-Sociology of Education, and
  	-Teaching Sociology

Sheenagh McCarthy
Senior Marketing Manager
Library Group
SAGE Publications Inc
2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320