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input sought on PubGet

Hello everyone,

Have you heard about PubGet?  http://pubget.com/search

You can search from their site because they index much like 
PubMed but retrieve the PDF of the articles you select. My 
understanding is that you can also set up PubGet on your link 
resolver as well and download multiple articles at once.  Has 
anyone used this?

PubGet said in the Bio-IT World 
article that they have "users at all of the top 12 big pharmas, 
but no formal relationships as yet ("meaning we haven't turned 
them on yet.")"

I was thinking about some implications of this and would like to 
know your thoughts...

*PubGet mentions users can metatag articles and keep them in a 
locker. Is this hosted on their site? Is this data "private?"

*They mention they make money two ways - and one is to "aggregate 
analytics about current life science search topics". Are they 
tracking search keywords by company and then selling that data to 
advertisers or other companies?

*With all of these new tools at our disposal (text and data 
mining, bulk or automatic downloading), are the publishers not 
able to change their licensing agreements to keep up with 
technology?  Some publishers prohibit using what they call robots 
or spiders, or automatic downloading and also have rate limits 
set on downloading.

*Some text or data mining tools have the capability to block auto 
downloading from publishers that prohibit this activity on the 
global electronic licensing.  Is PubGet an automatic downloading 
tool as well with no way to block auto downloading?

I look forward to hearing your input.


Mindy Pennington
Manager, External Content
Library Services
Pfizer Global Research & Development
Groton, CT  06340
Phone: 860-686-3551
Email: mindy.pennington@pfizer.com