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Start Up Local Food Journal looking for advice

Dear list members,

New Leaf Associates, a small start-up publishing firm, is 
exploring the launch a new journal in an area local food systems. 
We appreciate that it is tough times for libraries working with 
shrinking budgets. And believe us, we know it is going to be 
tough for us as well. We would appreciate if readers of this list 
could help us with their estimation to the following three 

**Please respond directly to duncan@newleafsite.com and NOT the 
entire list.**

1.In order for you as a librarian to learn about new titles - 
what would you prefer?

a. Receive sample copies
b. Receive recommendation from faculty member
c. Receive trial access electronically
d. Other, what?

2.How are decisions made about individual titles in this era of 
fiscal austerity?

a.No new titles at all - just cancellation of existing 
superfluous ones
b. Concentration on buying publisher packages
c. Going back to selecting individual titles
d. Ordering only usage based
e. Other, what?

3.The journal will basically be electronic. However, we are 
strongly considering offering print copies for libraries and 
individuals who prefer that. How do you feel about ordering a new 
title in print (plus electronic)?

a. Totally useless
b. Good for archiving
c. Useful for displaying to the patrons - and thus promote the 
d. other

Duncan Hilchey
New Leaf Associates, Inc.