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Re: News about the Georgia State University fair use copyright case

So, the lesson to be learned here is that one can get away with 
outrageous behavior in the past , free of penalty, so long as one 
promises to be a good citizen in the future? This all sounds a 
bit like what Scribd, a digital pirate of books, is promising 
publishers now, asking them to forget and forgive all those past 
transgressions. Some of us have long memories, however....

Sandy Thatcher
Penn State University Press

P.S. There are real questions about how much better this new GSU 
system is, considering that it is based on a very mechanical 
application of the fair-use factors, which I suspect many 
universities would not want to emulate. GSU seems simply to have 
moved from bad theory (on which its previous policy was based) to 
bad practice.

>News about the Cambridge University Press, et al. v. Georgia 
>State University fair use copyright lawsuit, from the Duke 
>University Libraries "Scholarly Communications @ Duke" blog:
>Bernie Sloan
>Sora Associates