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Duke University Press Announces the Addition of Two Mathematics Journals

Duke University Press is pleased to add the Kyoto Journal of 
Mathematics, formerly the Journal of Mathematics of Kyoto 
University, and the Nagoya Mathematical Journal to its growing 
list of mathematics titles.

The Kyoto Journal of Mathematics publishes original research 
papers at the forefront of pure mathematics, including surveys 
that contribute to advances in pure mathematics. The quarterly 
journal will be hosted on the Project Euclid platform and 
included in the Euclid Prime collection.

Since its inception in 1950, the Nagoya Mathematical Journal has 
published high-quality research papers that appeal to the general 
mathematical audience and that cover a broad range of pure 
mathematics. The journal will continue to be hosted on the 
Project Euclid platform and in 2010 will move from an open-access 
to a subscription model in order to maintain sustainable funding. 
All content published before 2010 will remain freely available on 
the Project Euclid platform. The paid content will become freely 
available after five-years.

For information about the Kyoto Journal of Mathematics and the 
Nagoya Mathematical Journal, please contact Journals Customer 
Service at subscriptions@dukeupress.edu, or visit 

Kimberly Steinle
Library Relations Manager
Duke University Press
Durham, NC 27701