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Re: "Overlay Journals" Over Again...

Society for Neuroscience has this:

"The Journal of Neuroscience Submission Fee & Payment Policy

A submission fee of $100 must be paid for all new or resubmitted 
Regular Manuscripts and Brief Communications.  No submission fee 
is required for features (Journal Clubs, Commentaries, etc.). The 
submission fee covers a portion of the costs associated with peer 

... am not aware of any others.

Carol Hutchins

Jan Velterop wrote:

> The situation is this:
> 1) researchers HAVE to publish and HAVE to have their
> publications  peer-reviewed;

> 2) existing systems (OA-author-paid as well subscriptions) ONLY
> pay  for PUBLISHED articles.
> So the real problem is this: in neither case is the organization
> of  peer review per se paid for. Those who argue that it is,
> place the  entire burden of cost exclusively on the PUBLISHED
> papers.
> What is needed is a system such as, say, your diving test. You
> pay  for the test, whether you pass or not. Translated to
> publications, a  fee at submission is what we need, for which
> peer-review is  organized. And this fee should be non-refundable,
> whether the article  is accepted for publication or not.
> Where is the courageous and/or visionary 'publisher' (just using
> a  familiar term that should probably be changed into 'assessment
> organization' or pithier equivalent) who starts a system like
> that?
> Jan Velterop