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Re: "Overlay Journals" Over Again...

Submission fees are not practical as the sole source of revenue 
for selective journals.  Based on our submission numbers for 
calendar year 2008, we would need to charge nearly $2,000 per 
submission to make up our revenue.  Two of our journals reject 
70% of submissions on the basis of review by the academic editors 
(i.e., they are not sent for external review), and the authors of 
those papers receive their rejection letters within a few of days 
of submission.  I do not think those authors would be pleased to 
pay $2,000 for such a result.

Most journal publishers are in the business of trying to attract 
the highest quality submissions.  We are loath to levy any 
upfront fees that would discourage an author from submitting a 

Mike Rossner
Rockefeller University Press