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Usage Factor Project: Invitation to tender

********* Apologies for cross-posting *********

In 2007 the UKSG, a non-profit organisation that connects the 
information community, in association with the online usage 
metrics organisation COUNTER, launched a project to explore 
whether online journal usage statistics might form the basis of a 
new metric of journal value. In stage 1 of the project we 
conducted extensive market research to establish the level of 
support for such a metric and to identify what key issues would 
need to be addressed.

Building upon the encouraging reactions revealed in the market 
research, Stage 2 of the project now proposes to develop a 
programme of data modelling and analysis that will use real usage 
data from a number of content providers, with the aim of 
identifying potential candidate metrics for longer term scaled up 

Accordingly the project is now looking to commission a suitably 
qualified organisation to conduct the required data modelling and 
analysis. A formal Invitation to Tender (Request for Proposal) 
for this work has now been issued and can be found on the project 
site at http://www.uksg.org/usagefactors/rfp.

We encourage interested parties to read this document and, if you 
feel you have the required skills and resources, to submit your 
proposal in the manner outlined.

Deadline for receipt of responses is August 26, 2009.

Richard Gedye
UKSG Usage Factor Project