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Re: Interlibrary loan language in site license - NEED OPINION

I have not seen this before, but it sounds like the 
vendor/publisher is trying to make sure that no one is getting 
their product for free. It does not make any sense, but just to 
step into their shoes for a second, a library who may not 
subscribe may regurlary request products from this vendor, not 
only from your library but also from others. So, if there is a 
written record for every interlibrary loan then it is a way of 
tracking institutions who don't subscribe.

Like I said, it does not make sense. This is getting into a 
library's privacy perhaps, so truthfully I am not sure the vendor 
can legally request this. They can either grant interlibrary 
loan, or not grant interlibrary loan.

On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 4:59 PM, Edwards, Marybeth <medwards@rwmc.org> wrote:

> Has anyone encountered the following language in a site license,
> which was proposed upon my request to be allowed to send a PDF
> copy of an article to fulfill a ILL request?
> - Licensee shall maintain an accurate written record with respect
>   to the transactions set forth in (iv).  Such record shall, at a
>   minimum, contain the name of the library to whom Licensee
>   supplied or loaned a copy of an article, the date the article
>   was provided, and the volume and page number of each article
>   supplied or loaned.  Licensee shall provide a copy of such
>   written record upon (licensor's) request.
> Marybeth Edwards, MSLS
> Manager, Health Science Library
> Roger Williams Medical Center
> Providence, RI 02908
> medwards@rwmc.org