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Survey Results on Repository Trends and Usage

**Apologies for Cross Posting**

We recently conducted a survey on IR trends in preparation for 
the 2008 SPARC Digital Repositories Meeting in Baltimore.

We received a wealth of thoughtful feedback. Here are three 
results we particularly wanted to call out:

* Respondents on all platforms are thinking creatively about the
   role of an IR. Responses indicate that a wide variety of
   content has a home in the repository, including student
   research, campus business, and research from outside the

* Respondents saw electronic theses & dissertations and
   conferences, symposia and colloquia as the most likely kinds of
   material to be top trends in 2009.

* Most respondents would consider their IR to be a solid success.
   Over 58% rated their IR as a 6 or higher on a 1-10 scale of

We invite you to review the full results of the survey at

Please feel free to share your thoughts and observations.



Jean-Gabriel Bankier
Berkeley Electronic Press
510-665-1200 x124