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Who DOESN'T benefits from the University of Calgary authors' fund?

It would be equally noteworthy to list who will not benefit from 
U. Calgary's OA author fund:

1) Non-profit society and association journals that keep 
subscription prices low for libraries (remember the "crisis in 
scholarly communication"?)

2) Journals that levy page charges to authors for the same reason 
as 1.

2) Journals that give their content away for free after a short 
embargo period (see: 
http://highwire.stanford.edu/lists/freeart.dtl )

3) Authors, some of whom may find the group that manages these 
funds make decisions based on personal and ideological grounds.

I'd be very interested in anyone has details on how this fund will be
managed.  The devil is always in the details.

--Phil Davis

Heather Morrison wrote:
> **	with apologies for cross-posting	**
> Who benefits from the University of Calgary authors' fund?  This
> was a useful question raised at a talk this week by Andrew
> Waller, at the University of British Columbia.
> In my opinion, there are two main groups of beneficiaries:
> U of C faculty and students
> University of Calgary faculty and senior students who wish to
> publish in OA journals that charge article processing fees and
> have no funds available.  Not that every request will be
> approved; but at least, there is a place to make a request with
> some hope of getting funding.
> Everyone involved in scholarly communication.
> ...