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Re: Interesting analysis of Google/publisher/author settlement

2008/11/18 Sally Morris (Morris Associates) <sally@morris-assocs.demon.co.uk>:

> In the UK it is also the case that the 'typographic rights' 
> (which are essential if you are going to reprint the book 
> without re-setting) remain with the publisher for 25 years from 
> publication, irrespective of whether the book is in or out of 
> print, and irrespective of whether the copyright in the content 
> has or has not reverted to the author.  I'm not aware of any 
> other countries with a similar provision, though other list 
> members may be able to enlighten me on this point.

Some other countries have a copyright in typographical 


Dr Klaus Graf
Archivist RWTH Aachen University