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Re: Markets Declare Truce in Copyright Wars (from Wall St Journal)

The Wall St. Journal article overlooks the salient point that 
Google gets untrammeled rights to data-mine the database of 
books, a right available to no one else and with no compensation 
to the publishers.  The publishers have sold off the mineral 
rights to the back forty for a pittance.  In time to come this 
deal will be viewed as the equivalent of the (alleged) purchase 
of Manhattan for $24 in trinkets.  If anyone thinks the future of 
the publishing industry is creating information for human 
consumption, have your robot call my robot.

Joe Esposito

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> "Technology and copyright law have been at odds since the
> beginning of the digital era...But content owners are finally
> realizing they're better off helping their customers use digital
> media than trying to stop the march of technology."
> http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122688619008032339.html
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