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Query about 'active' status in Ulrichs database

Here's the reply I received from Ulrich's. Sally Morris
Email:  sally@morris-assocs.demon.co.uk


From: Kaplan, Laurie [mailto:Laurie.Kaplan@serialssolutions.com]
Sent: 14 November 2008 13:27
To: Sally Morris (Morris Associates)
Subject: RE: Query about 'active' status in Ulrichs database

Dear Ms. Morris:

Thank you for contacting Ulrich's. As of the end of October, 
there were 225,619 titles with Active status in the Ulrich's 
database. The "Active" indicator in Ulrich's signifies that a 
title is currently being published. The status remains unchanged 
until information is obtained from the publisher, or through our 
independent research, indicating that the title has ceased, been 
suspended, or its status has been otherwise altered, such as 
through a merger or acquisition. Our six editorial staff members 
update the status and other title information on an ongoing 
basis, with each editor responsible for many US and non-US 
publishers worldwide. Due to the volume of changes, the emphasis 
is often on updating titles from the major academic and scholarly 
publishers, but a variety of projects enable us to update 
numerous collections of titles throughout the year.

We appreciate the opportunity to clarify this for you. Please 
feel free to send any other questions you may have.


Laurie Kaplan Director,
Serials Editorial
Serials Solutions
630 Central Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974
Direct Line: 908-219-0284
Fax:     908-219-0182

From: Sally Morris (Morris Associates)
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008 7:24 AM
To: Ulrichs
Subject: Query about 'active' status in Ulrichs database

I am involved in a discussion about the number of refereed 
journals listed in Ulrichs, and the question has been raised of 
what 'active' means in your database, and how (and how often) the 
'active' flag is updated

I should be very grateful for clarification

Thanks. Sally Morris