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RE: How many (peer reveiwed) journals are there?


Looking back at your research I see that 'a lot' means about 10%. 
I know that the DOAJ has worked hard to weed-out journals that 
are no longer current, but these things are fluid and there will 
always be some listed that are not currently publishing.  I'm 
sure that some of the subscription titles listed in UIrich's as 
being active are actually no longer current. Unfortunately, you 
did not do a comparative study so we have no idea if 10% really 
is a lot compared to subscription titles or just reflective of 
the general churn in the journals market.

David C Prosser
Director, SPARC Europe
Web:    www.sparceurope.org

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When I studied the DOAJ, a lot of the journals therein were to
all intents and purposes dead in the water.

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