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Re: How many (peer reveiwed) journals are there?

Sally, I guess it is a while (2-3 years) since you last studied
the DOAJ. Just to inform the list (once again) the DOAJ-team at
Lund University Libraries Head Office on an ongoing basis review
all the journals (currently 3700+) on an ongoing basis in order
to check for compliance with the selection criteria, among other
things checking whether the journals are actually publishing
articles. This review process has caused removal of some 100
journals during the last couple of years.

Of course it is impossible with the available resources to check
the journals every day, but the team will eventually discover
whether journals have changed publishing model, copyright policy
etc. We appreciate all the feedback from the community which
helps us maintaining the quality of the service.


Lars Bjornshauge
Director of Libraries
Lund University

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Subject: RE: How many (peer reveiwed) journals are there?

When I studied the DOAJ, a lot of the journals therein were to
all intents and purposes dead in the water.

Sally Morris
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Joe was careful to make clear that his question was not to do
with the business model of journals, so it is unfortunate that
Phil could not resist the dig at OA publishers.  Having looked at
the first 20 titles listed by BMC I can't see one that hasn't
published papers this year.  Some have only published a few
papers, some have published many.  Maybe I've just missed the
'scores' of titles that publish no papers, but frankly I'm not
going to check them all.  I'll just wait for Phil to produce some
evidence to back-up his claim.