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warranty of non-infringement and indemnification against claims


Here at UMass Amherst a publisher warranty of non-infringement 
and indemnification against claims of infringement are 
fundamental and deal-breaker terms for our licenses. This is 
consistent with the tenth NERL Licensing Principle 
which states:

"A license agreement should require the licensor to defend, 
indemnify, and hold NERL and NERL member institutions harmless 
from any action based on a claim that use of the resource in 
accordance with the license infringes any patent, copyright, 
trade-mark, or trade secret of any third party."

Increasingly over the past year I am struggling with small and 
society publishers who flat out won't agree to this condition, 
despite my best efforts to persuade them that their due diligence 
regarding their content sources is a significant part of the 
subscription fee we pay. None of these publishers are in the SERU 
Registry and they represent STM disciplines.

What techniques or language would you recommend I try to make 
this an agreeable licensing term with these publishers? I'd be 
happy to discuss more specifics off-list.

Thanks for your consideration,

Christine N. Turner
Electronic Resources Librarian
Acquisitions Department/W.E.B. Du Bois Library
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA  01003
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