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Effects of Green Open Access on Journals, Repositories and Academi=


You will have read on this list about the recent launch of the
European Commission funded PEER Project, an attempt to look at
the real effects on systematic Green self-archiving on the
research environment, repository management and journal
viability. Those of you attending the Charleston Conference will
have an opportunity to hear more about this ground-breaking
collaboration in a Lively Lunch Session called

PEERing into the Future
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Location: Room 120, Addlestone Library
Time: 1230 - 1340 Thursday 6 November
Speakers: Michael Mabe - CEO, International Association of STM
   Publishers, Chair of the PEER Project

Abstract: "The debate between publishers and scientific and
government organisations on systematic "green" OA has largely
boiled down to arguments over embargo periods and potential harm
to journals. The current "evidence" is disputed by both sides.
Now PEER, a major European collaboration between publishers, the
researchers and repositories will attempt to find the answer."

I look forward to meeting some of you there.

Michael A Mabe
Chief Executive Officer
International Association of STM Publishers
Prama House, 267 Banbury Road

Mobile: +44 7717 343083
Phone: +44 1865 339321
Direct: +44 1865 339324
Fax: +44 1865 339325
E-mail: mabe@stm-assoc.org
Web: www.stm-assoc.org