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Re: "Personal use" in standard terms of use for online periodicals

Personal use is just that -- personal use. It would seem any use 
of a product when mediated by some institutional agent -- as you 
suggest -- would require the purchase of an institutional 

Karl Bridges
University of Vermont

Quoting "Fearer, Kathleen E (EED)" <kathleen.fearer@alaska.gov>:

> Hello everyone.
> Publishers' general terms of use sometimes state that content can
> only be downloaded or copied for "your personal use."  I'm
> thinking primarily about online content that comes with a print
> subscription, and that can be accessed with a user name and
> password issued upon registration. I'm not thinking about
> negotiated license agreements, where we would have an opportunity
> to request modification of license terms.
> I'm curious about how people interpret "your personal use" in the
> case of a library's subscription, when library staff is accessing
> the content.  Are there circumstances under which staff would be
> able to distribute a downloaded article to patrons?
> Thanks for your help!
> Katie Fearer
> Librarian, Periodicals
> Alaska State Library
> 907-465-2988
> kathleen.fearer@alaska.gov