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Google Book Search & Resellers of GovWorks

I would like to bring to your attention a situation that has 
received public notice and comment before -- false claims of 
copyright in works of the U.S. Government (Title 17 USC 105). 
There are many resellers of government works.  While that is 
legal, I think it's misrepresentation bordering on fraud when 
they claim to be the "publisher."

I recently discovered that one such entrepeneur has assigned 
ISBNs" and lists his company as Publisher of government documents 
harvested from my organization's website, the Defense Technical 
Information Center www.dtic.mil.  The company reselling documents 
from the DTIC repository is Storming Media.  Storming Media isn't 
the only one out there -- Diane Publishing and Penny Hill Press 
are two more that come to mind..

Doing an advanced search in Google Books, I found:

Books 1 - 10 of 812 on inpublisher:storming

Books 1 - 10 of 325 on inpublisher:Penny
inpublisher:Hill inpublisher:Press

Books 1 - 10 of 10,442 on inpublisher:Diane

Google Scholar Results 1 - 10 of about 105,000. when searching 
"Storming Media" in the Publication field. --- many of these are 
not government works, but subject to copyright held by 
contractors or grantees.

DTIC is a repository and secondary disseminator.  We have no 
legal recourse since we are not the owner or publisher of the 
materials we distribute which are either U.S. Government Works 
not eligible for copyright protection or works copyrighted by 

Bonnie Klein
Defense Technical Information Center