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AVS Journal, Biointerphases, Now Available in an Annual Print Volume

*Please excuse cross-posting*

Dear Colleagues:

AVS is pleased to announce that an archival print edition of 
Biointerphases is now available. Published by AVS Science and 
Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing (AVS), 
Biointerphases is an open access journal that provides a 
much-needed resource in a growing field that integrates physics, 
chemistry, materials science, biology, theory, and modeling.

The journal, begun in 2006 as a freely available online 
publication, now offers an annual bound volume for the fee of US$ 
80.00. For more information on the 2006 print edition, visit 
www.biointerphases.org. This volume may be ordered by contacting 
the American Institute of Physics at subs@aip.org or 

Biointerphases is edited by Prof. Dr. Michael Grunze, Chair of 
the Applied Physical Chemistry Research Group at Heidelberg 
University's Institute of Physical Chemistry.  The journal 
resides on the Scitation online hosting platform at 
www.biointerphases.org and is supported by payments from authors, 
their funding agencies, or sponsors. All papers are immediately 
made available on the web upon successful peer review.

We urge librarians to include Biointerphases in online catalogs 
and e-journal listings.

If you have further questions about Biointerphases or any AVS 
publication, feel free to contact me directly or to visit with us 
in person at the Special Libraries Association meeting, June 3-5 
in Denver. We would welcome seeing you at booth #536.

Kind regards,

Christine Orr
Marketing Manager
American Institute of Physics
2 Huntington Quadrangle
Suite 1NO1
Melville NY 11747 USA
T: +1 516-576-2484
E: corr@aip.org
URL: librarians.aip.org