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Re: DRM at SAE Publication Board meeting

At 11:01 PM 4/29/2007, Joe Esposito wrote: >What's the right solution to the prohibition to transmit >electronically & quote any portion of the Licensed Products? To allow libraries to do what so many other publishers allow, i.e.: "Scholarly Sharing." Authorized Users may transmit to a third party colleague in hard copy or electronically, minimal, insubstantial amounts of the Licensed Materials for personal use or scholarly, educational, or scientific research or professional use but in no case for re-sale. In addition, Authorized Users have the right to use, with appropriate credit, figures, tables and brief excerpts from the Licensed Materials in the Authorized User's own scientific, scholarly and educational works. http://www.library.yale.edu/~llicense/standlicagree.html " 3.2 Authorised Users may, in accordance with copyright laws of [jurisdiction] and subject to clause 6 below: 3.2.4 Distribute a copy of individual articles or items of the Licensed Materials in print or electronic form to other Authorised Users[; for the avoidance of doubt, this sub-clause shall include the distribution of a copy for teaching purposes to each individual student Authorised User in a class at the Licensee's institution]. http://www.licensingmodels.com/academic.htm ***