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Licensing e-content from publishers for digital library

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from Globethics.net <http://globethics.net/>, Geneva. 
We are working for the development of the Global Digital Library 
on Ethics, which will store both licensed and unlicensed 
e-content in HTML and/or PDF versions of books and journals on 

Globethics.net<http://globethics.net/>is a global network of 
individuals and institutions involved in dialogue, discussion, 
research and advocacy on the implications of ethics on our lives 
around the world. Founded in 2004, we already have 270 
institutions and individuals as participants.

Globethics.net <http://globethics.net/>primarily functions as an 
online network over internet to connect various ethics 
constituencies worldwide, especially in developing countries, and 
develop thematic communities of practice around topical issues on 
ethics through the portal www.globethics.net that provides like 
minded institutions and individuals a platform for 
knowledge-sharing. We also convene Annual Conferences where our 
members gather to discuss and deliberate on issues of topical 

The primary aim of the digital library is to provide free of 
charge access to literature on ethics (online books and journals) 
in key languages. Globethics.net <http://globethics.net/> is in 
the process of collaboration with many institutions to deliver 
the GDLE content and services to academia, libraries, government, 
private sector and civil society organisations.

However, we are finding it difficult as publishers are reluctant 
to deposit their content onto GDLE server. Herein, I am seeking 
your strategic advice, as to what could be the possible solution 
or middle-path that you might be adopting in similar situation.

Best regards

*Atanu Garai
*Online Networking Specialist
*International Secretariat:
*150, route de Ferney
CH-1211 Geneva 2
Tel: 41.22791.6249/67
Fax: 41.22710.2386
*New Delhi Contact:
*Tel: 91.98996.22884
Email: garai@globethics.net
Web: www.globethics.net