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CARE appoints negotiators for Elsevier contract

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The procedure to select a negotiator for the renewal of the national contract for access to Elsevier scientific publications on behalf of universities and the largest research bodies in Italy has just drawn to a conclusion.

The selection process, promoted by the CARE group (Coordination Group for the purchase of Electronic Resources), concluded that the bid put forward by the temporary Joint Enterprise between E.S. Burioni <http://www.burioni.it/> and the English agency Content Complete <http://www.contentcomplete.com/> was attractive in both financial and technical terms.

The procedure adopted for the selection was preceded by a market survey carried out by CARE in which the main international mailing lists were asked to publicize the ongoing search for experts to negotiate the purchase of licences for access to electronic resources.

On the basis of the results of the survey and of a detailed tender, four candidates, three foreign and one Italian, were invited to take part.

The winning candidate was selected based on the technical and financial bid presented by an external committee composed of: Dott. Guido Badalamenti, Dott.ssa Alessandra Bezzi, Prof. Romano Bizzarri, Prof. Antonio Cantore, Prof. Giuseppe Catalano (Chairman), Dott. Vincenzo Del Core (Secretary)

The formal appointment of the negotiating team made up of two Directors of Content Complete, Paul Harwood and Albert Prior, together with Luca Burioni of E.S. Burioni Ricerche Bibliografiche, will take place shortly.

Content Complete is most well-known for its negotiations undertaken on behalf of English Universities under the project NESLI2 (National Electronic Licensing Initiative for Higher and Further Education) sponsored by JISC.

Burioni has been involved in negotiations as consultant for the CIPE consortium since 1999 and more recently for Ciber, Cilea and Cipe in major interconsortia negotiations with international publishers, including Blackwell, Elsevier and Kluwer.

The experience of Content Complete on the international scene combined with Luca Burioni's indepth knowledge of both the Italian market and the Elsevier contract provides assurance of expertise as well as guaranteeing a strategically effective outcome to a national negotiations process that presents significant complexities due to: the number of institutions involved, the value of the contract and the importance of the publisher.

The institutional framework provided by the Italian Conference of Rectors (CRUI), within which CARE operates, together with the opportunity for Italian institutions to go to a negotiating table at a national level, represent an unprecedented means by which to negotiate the purchase of electronic resources in the face of the abovementioned complexities. In addition, they make a significant step forward in the spirit of cooperation.

Finally, CARE intends to undertake a second market survey in order to identify other institutions, firms and agencies interested in carrying out national negotiations with other important international scholarly publishers. The aim of this is to set up a register that will be regularly updated.

Benedetta Alosi on behalf of CARE

Benedetta Alosi
University of Messina
mail: alosib@unime.it