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The New England Quarterly: New from The MIT Press

News Release

(apologies for cross posting)

MIT Press Journals is pleased to announce a publishing 
partnership with The New England Quarterly. The MIT Press is 
providing electronic publishing and digital archiving services 
for the journal in addition to print production and circulation 

"Our primary goal in seeking a publishing partner has been to 
make our current issues available to subscribers and to library 
patrons not only in print but in searchable, digital form as 
well. The MIT Press Journals, through its service provider Atypon 
Systems Inc., will do just that," says Editor Linda Smith Rhoads.

For no additional cost, subscribers to The New England Quarterly 
are now able to view a digital version of their printed issue 
through the MIT Press Journals website. Prospective subscribers 
now have an opportunity to purchase an online-only subscription 
for a slightly reduced cost, a combined print/digital 
subscription, or a single article (pay-per-view).

The move from self-publishing to partnering with MIT Press 
Journals supports The New England Quarterly's mission of 
promoting New England's history to a worldwide audience. Since 
1928, The New England Quarterly has offered the best that has 
been written on New England's cultural, political, and social 
history. Current issues of the journal will be available to 
subscribers and library patrons in searchable electronic format, 
providing numerous benefits to readers while reaching a wider 
scope of people worldwide with its multi-faceted form and 
increased availability.

To view The New England Quarterly's content online, visit:

For more information about The New England Quarterly or The MIT Press,
please email: journals-info@mit.edu.

About The New England Quarterly

NEQ contributions cover a range of time periods, from before 
European colonization to the present, and any subject germane to 
New England's history-for example, the region's diverse literary 
and cultural heritage, its political philosophies, race 
relations, labor struggles, religious controversies, and the 
organization of family life. For more information, visit: 

About MIT Press Journals

MIT Press Journals publishes more than 30 titles in the arts and 
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technology. All MIT Press Journals are available in print and 
electronic formats.

About The MIT Press

The MIT Press publishes books in fields as diverse as 
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