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RE: NISO Shared E-Resource Understanding (SERU) Releases Draft Recommended Practices

The University of Chicago Press welcomes the SERU Working Group's 
efforts to develop a common understanding between publishers and 
librarians for use of online material that acknowledges the 
legitimate interests of each. The best practices described in the 
SERU document are in close agreement with those recently adopted 
by the Press. (We were grateful for the opportunity to comment 
upon an earlier draft of the SERU document.)

As of January 1, 2007, we no longer require our institutional 
subscribers to sign a formal license for access to our electronic 
journals. Instead, we ask all users of our online content to 
abide by our Terms and Conditions of Use, which are available on 
our website at http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/license.html. Our 
new licensing requirements were initiated in response to feedback 
from our library customers, who told us that the need to 
negotiate licenses is often a barrier to access, and are a 
reflection upon the library community's demonstrated willingness 
to work with publishers to safeguard intellectual property rights 
and promptly resolve abuse issues.


Licensing & Permissions Manager, Journals Division
The University of Chicago Press
Chicago, IL 60637