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Re: D-Lib article about Cornell's Institutional Repository

This is a very interesting study with nuggets for both poles to 
trumpet. What I find salient is the belief of those interviewed 
that personal, departmental, and lab web pages (not to mention 
subject repositories) provide an adequate forum for the 
dissemination of a researcher's work. The intelligent IR 
implementation will recognize that established pathways exist, 
and that faculty are loathe to disrupt or duplicate them.  If 
libraries value enhanced scholarly communication as a high 
priority (a perspective not generally shared by their faculty, 
according to this survey), then they must do more of the heavy 
lifting to facilitate it.  This means lowering or eliminating the 
already low barriers to repository participation, integrating 
with existing dissemination mechanisms, and investing in more 
cross-walking and less cross-talking.

Best, Greg

Greg Tananbaum
(510) 295-7504