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Re: Call for papers, reviewers and Editorial-Advisory Board members

Margaret, Yes, faculty ask from time to time when they receive invitations to boards of outfits they've never heard of.

I'll repeat here what I noted on PAMnet about this one a couple of weeks ago: one of the "resources" links is to Midlife Dating Network.

Carol Hutchins, NYU

Margaret Landesman wrote:
Do others of you have faculty reporting ads like this?  From this
and other sources?

It's touching to see an "overriding passion" to assist academics,
but could it also be phrased, "Since faculty author, review, and
edit for free, why not see if they'll do it for us?"

Margaret Landesman

Call for papers, reviewers and Editorial-Advisory Board members

Every researcher, writer or artist deserves a fair consideration
to be published. Scientific Journals International (SJI)
provides an efficient forum for publishing research and creative
work from all disciplines. SJI has assembled an extensive and
prestigious Editorial and Advisory Board

This initiative is driven by an overriding passion to assist
researchers, writers and artists to cope with the "publish or
perish" reality that has been created by the policies of the
academia and funding agencies. According to several surveys, a
large majority of authors and researchers cite slow review
process and publication delays in the current system as a major
obstacle to their publishing objectives.  Many have also
expressed concerns about the fairness and integrity of the peer
review process in traditional scholarly publishing. Some
scholars have argued that there is a need to liberate the
publication process for broader and fairer access.

Scientific Journals International (SJI) is the first global
initiative that intends to accomplish this objective.  We
sincerely believe that researchers, writers and artists who have
devoted months or years to a research/creative project, should
not be shut out of the publication world simply because they did
not follow some procedural or stylistic rules and guidelines or
because their work did not fit in.  All traditional journals
have very rigid stylistic or procedural policies that unduly
create artificial barriers and in effect retard innovation and

Scientific Journals International (SJI) maintains minimal
procedural and stylistic rules, and accepts papers that follow
any style manual such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.  A fair
peer-reviewed evaluation system is used to select papers for
publication. SJI maintains a rapid electronic submission, review
and publication process.  Additionally, we do not set the same
limitations on the length of the article as other traditional
and online journals do. Our capability for perpetual future
accessibility and preservation is also extremely valuable to
both authors and readers.

Our manuscript submission guidelines can be found at
http://www.scientificjournals.org/submission.htm. Application
form for Reviewers and Editorial Advisory Board can be found at
http://www.scientificjournals.org/wanted.htm. Current issues can
be found at http://www.scientificjournals.org/current_issue.htm.


Neil A. Anderson
Scientific Journals International (SJI)
or http://www.gcchq.com/SJI