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FW: UKSG Conference Workshop on Customer Service Excellence

**Apologies for cross-posting**

Dear All,

I am co-hosting a workshop with Bev Acreman (Taylor and Francis) 
at the forthcoming UKSG conference (University of Warwick, 
16-18th April) entitled Customer Service Excellence where we will 
be discussing problems in the communication chain between 
publishers and librarians and what we should do to eliminate 
them.  This is following up on the popular workshop run last year 
on the same topic (see the report at 

To that end, we've drafted two very quick questionnaires, one for 
publishers and one for librarians and we would be grateful if 
you, and all of your colleagues, would take the few minutes 
needed to complete it.

If you are neither a publisher or librarian, e.g. a subscription 
agent, please feel free to complete whichever survey you feel is 

Please note that this questionnaire is completely anonymous and 
neither you nor your organisation can be identified.

Link for the questionnaire:

Many thanks in advance, we will summarise the findings from the 
questionnaire and the Workshop itself in a forthcoming issue of 

Graham Stone, Librarian
Bolton University, UK