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Call for Posters for ALCTS 50th Anniversary Conference

The ALCTS 50th Anniversary Conference, June 20 and 21, 2007, in 
Washington, DC invites proposals for the Conference poster 
session to be held on Wednesday, June 20.

The ALCTS Conference, "Interactive Futures: A National Conference 
on the Transformation of Library Collections & Technical 
Services," will engage attendees in a thought-provoking, open, 
and participatory exchange on the transformation of our work and 
our profession.

In keeping with the conference theme, poster session proposals 
should focus on a transformative change or an innovation in any 
area of library collections or technical services work for 
monographs, serials, or electronic resources, whether in 
collection development and management, cataloging, acquisitions, 
or preservation.  Poster sessions may document a change that has 
been implemented, or may suggest an innovation or describe a 
trend likely to affect change in the philosophy or practice of 
our profession.

This poster session offers a unique opportunity for beginning 
career librarians and veteran librarians, for library support 
staff, and for students, to address the future in which we all 
will work in a most stimulating setting.  We plan for 250 
attendees, and featured Conference speakers are library leaders 
and provocative thinkers like Susan Nutter, David Lankes, Stephen 
Abram, and Richard Lanham.

The deadline for poster session submissions is Monday, April 2.  The
ALCTS conference committee will review all submissions for
appropriateness of theme, for quality of content, and for quality of
presentation.  We will notify applicants of our decision by May 1.
Please see the ALCTS website for more information on the Conference, and
for a submission form for poster session applications.

That address is:


If you have questions, please contact Bob Nardini (email:
bnardini@couttsinfo.com / telephone: 603-340-4378).

We thank you for your interest in taking part in this celebration 
of the 50th Anniversary of ALCTS.

Bob Nardini
Group Director, Client Integration
Coutts Information Services
Tel: 1-800-263-1686
Cell: 603-340-4378
Email: bnardini@couttsinfo.com

Coutts Information Services Inc., 1823 Maryland Avenue, P.O. Box 
1000, Niagara Falls, New York 14302-1000, USA