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"The Library of Google" - interesting essay

Ree, Jonathan. The Library of Google. Prospect, Issue 131. February


Interesting excerpt:

"Researchers always need to be reminded not to put too much trust 
in the materials that happen to lie within easy reach, but the 
risk of distortion will be much greater if they confine their 
investigations to a shelf of pre-selected books in a library 
rather than exposing themselves to the awe-inspiring quantities 
of treasure mixed with dross that Google spreads before 
them...Google may be creating new problems for scholars, but it 
offers new solutions too, and no one can play around with Book 
Search for more than a few minutes without stumbling into 
intellectual conflict zones that will wake them from the dogmatic 
doze that might have overwhelmed them in a well-regulated 

Bernie Sloan
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