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Physics Today Backfile Now Available to Institutions: Trial Access Provided to Subscribers

Please excuse cross-posting.

Dear Colleagues:

AIP is pleased to announce the launch of an online backfile for 
Physics Today, the most widely read international magazine in 
physics and AIP's flagship publication. For the first time, 
institutional subscribers have online access to issues going back 
to 2000, including all but the most recent 12 issues of the 
magazine; current content remains a benefit to AIP Member Society 

All institutional subscribers to Physics Today, or to any AIP 
online journal, will be provided with 60 days of free trial 
access to the PT backfile. This trial is now in effect, and 
messages have been sent to all eligible institutions. There is no 
action required to activate the trial access, assuming you have a 
valid user license; access is provided via the same IP addresses 
currently on file for your institution. Users may begin browsing 
or searching the PT backfile at www.physicstoday.org.

If you do not have an online user license for AIP journals, you 
may download one at 

Physics Today is famous for its first-hand accounts of historic 
developments in physics by many of the leading figures in the 
field, as well as for its general-interest reporting on the 
frontiers of physics today.

Physics Today subscribers now have the option to access the 
backfile throughout the year with their 2007 subscription for an 
additional $200. Subscribers who do not receive the print Physics 
Today may subscribe to the online PT backfile by itself for $300. 
The PT backfile is also included in the AIP Archival and AIP 
Archival Plus combination subscriptions at no further charge. 
Pricing for these combination subscriptions may be found on page 
4 of our 2007 Institutional Subscription Rate list at:


To add the online backfile to your Physics Today subscription or 
as a stand-alone product, please contact your agent or AIP at:

E-mail: subs@aip.org
Phone: 1-800-344-6902 (U.S. and Canada) or + 1-516-576-2270 (other locations)
Fax: +1-516-349-9704

AIP is in the process of digitizing all issues of Physics Today 
back to the magazine's launch in 1948, eventually creating a 
complete Physics Today digital archive.

If you have any questions about Physics Today's new backfile, 
please feel free to contact me.  We hope your researchers find 
this a valuable addition to your online holdings.

With best regards,

Christine Orr
Marketing Manager
American Institute of Physics
2 Huntington Quadrangle
Melville NY  11747 USA
T: +1 516-576-2484
E: corr@aip.org
URL: http://librarians.aip.org