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Elsevier events at ALA Midwinter

ALA attendees are cordially invited to Elsevier's IX Annual 
Digital Library Symposium at Midwinter ALA, Seattle. Theme of the 
Symposium is: Collaboration in a Digital World

Deb deBruijn, Executive Director, Canadian Research Knowledge Network,
  "The Changing Nature of Consortia"
Cathy Marshall, Senior Researcher, Microsoft, "Digital Collaboration
  among Academic Researchers"
Karen Hunter, Senior VP, Elsevier, "Publishers and Librarians:
  Collaborators and Competitors"

Date: Saturday, Jan. 20, 2007
Place: Sheraton Seattle Hotel, 1400 Sixth Avenue, 
Room: Metropolitan
Time: 1:30--3:30 PM
Refreshments provided
RSVP: Lashaon McGee, l.mcgee@elsevier.com


Library Connect Editors' Session
LIS editors will discuss their journals and editorial policies while
providing useful tips on how to get published.

Connie Foster, Editor, Serials Review
Beverley Geer, Associate Editor, Serials Review
Tefko Saracevic, Editor-in-Chief, Information Processing & Management
David Kohl, Editor, The Journal of Academic Librarianship

Date: Saturday, Jan. 20, 2007
Place: Elsevier Booth #2209
Time: 11:00 AM -- 12:00 Noon
See also: How to Get Published in LIS Journals--A Practical Guide.
Available for downloading from this URL:

Kind regards,
Daviess Menefee
Library Relations