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Publishers' E-Mail Lists

Colleagues on this list: Below please find a message I just sent to a reputable and well-meaning but nontheless annoying publisher -- yet one more who decided that I should be placed on an e-newsletter mailing list. This kind of behavior is getting out of hand; maybe we need to start a campaign for publishers to cease and desist such practice?

Full of cheerful new year spirit but *not* happy with forced mailings, which are starting to pile up like junk mail. Best wishes to all, Ann Okerson/Liblicense-l moderator

***** Dear Ms. XXXX: Please know that readers to not appreciate being subscribed by vendors or publishers to their mailing lists without prior request or permission. This kind of behavior (of signing up customers whether they want it or not, and making them "opt out") is getting beyond acceptable. I now regularly receive several of these kinds of items in a week (and must unsub myself) -- this week there have been 5 so far. Signing up people for e-mailings must have been every publishers' new year's resolution?

Please in the future could your company discontinue this practice? Thank you.