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PRESS RELEASE: CrossRef and INASP sign agreement for developing country journals

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INASP to join CrossRef linking initiative

Oxford, UK December 19, 2006.

INASP are delighted to announce that agreement has been reached with CrossRef, the multi-publisher linking association, to include journals from developing countries within their linking network.

This partnership greatly contributes to the INASP mission to enable worldwide access to information, and our work with publishers in developing and transitional countries to improve the quality and visibility of their publications.

At this time journals participating in the Nepal, Vietnam and Bangladesh Online programmes will be included, plus the journals that comprise the African Journals OnLine collection (www.ajol.info).

Pippa Smart, INASP's Head of Publishing Initiatives stated "For journals that are largely invisible to most of the scientific community the importance of linking cannot be overstressed. We are therefore delighted to be working with CrossRef to promote discovery of journals published in the less developed countries. We believe that an integrated discovery mechanism which includes journals from all parts of the world is vital to global research - not only benefiting the editors and publishers with whom we work."

Ed Pentz, CrossRef's Executive Director, commented, "For some time CrossRef has been exploring how it could partner with publishers and journal publishing initiatives in regions of the world where scholarship and publishing are less accessible. We believe offering CrossRef's services on an affordable basis to qualified publishers in these regions and interlinking them with the global research literature will help raise the visibility of these journals and contribute to their success."


The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications is a UK registered educational charity. Its vision is that all people are able to access and contribute information, ideas and knowledge necessary to drive sustainable and equitable development; and a mission to enable worldwide access to information and knowledge with particular emphasis on the needs of developing and transitional countries. To implement this, INASP works with partners around the world to encourage the creation and production of information, to promote sustainable and equitable access to information, to foster collaboration and networking, and to strengthen local capacities to manage and use information and knowledge. For more information on INASP please see www.inasp.info or send an email to inasp@inasp.info


CrossRef is a non-profit membership association, founded and directed by publishers. Its mission is to improve access to published scholarship through collaborative technologies. CrossRef operates a cross-publisher citation linking system, and is an official DOI (Digital Object Identifier) registration agency. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. See www.crossref.org

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Pippa Smart (Mrs)
Head, Publishing Initiatives
International Network for the Availability of Scientific Information (INASP)
Email: psmart@inasp.info
Web: www.inasp.info

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