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JSTOR Update: New Article Access Option for Scholars

Of possible interest.

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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 11:36:39 -0500
From: JSTOR User Services <support@jstor.org>
To: jstor-contacts@lists.jstor.org
Subject: JSTOR Update: New Article Access Option for Scholars

JSTOR is a not-for-profit organization responsible for preserving and extending access as broadly as possible to an archive of important scholarly journals.

New Article Access Option for Scholars

During the past several years, JSTOR, consistent with its not-for-profit mission, has been committed to expanding access to the archive beyond academic institutions and research libraries. These efforts have included the availability of special collections for public libraries and the Individual Access program (http://www.jstor.org/about/individual.html), which enables JSTOR participating publishers to offer individual subscriptions to the back issues of their titles held in the archive.

An extension of JSTOR's efforts to better serve scholars is a new article purchase service. This service is an opt-in program for JSTOR participating publishers and will enable them to sell single articles for immediate download. Researchers following direct links to articles will be presented with an option to purchase an article from the publisher if the publisher chooses to participate in this program and if the specific content requested is available through the program. The purchase option will only be presented if the user does not have access to the article. Prior to completing an article purchase users are prompted to first check the availability of the article through a local library or an institutional affiliation with JSTOR.

This new article purchase service is in its early stage. This initial release includes articles from the following JSTOR participating journals and publishers:

PublicationPublisher Name
BioScienceAmerican Institute of Biological Sciences
AIBS BulletinAmerican Institute of Biological Sciences
Journal of Crustacean BiologyThe Crustacean Society
Geographical Review AmericanGeographical Society
American Fern JournalAmerican Fern Society
Church HistoryAmerican Society of Church History
Industrial & Labor Relations ReviewCornell University, School of Industrial
and Labor Relations

The article prices currently range from $5.00 to $14.00. Other titles will
be added over time. If you have questions about the service or would like
additional information, please review the FAQ page

for the service or contact JSTOR User Services (support@jstor.org)