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Hindawi's OA journal collection expands

Press Release
December 18, 2006

Hindawi's open access journal collection expands to more than 50

The Hindawi Publishing Corporation is pleased to announce that
its open access journal collection has increased to more than 50
titles following the launch of the International Journal of
Aerospace Engineering, the International Journal of Navigation
and Observation, and Science and Technology of Nuclear
Installations. These three new journals will join Hindawi's
growing open access collection, which currently includes titles
in a wide range of subjects from engineering and mathematics, to
biomedicine, chemistry, and materials science.

The launch of these new titles marks the further expansion of
open access publishing into new areas of scientific research.
"This is the future," explained Ramesh Talreja, Editor-in-Chief
of the International Journal of Aerospace Engineering, "the open
access concept is particularly timely for the aeronautics and
astronautics field." In addition to providing unrestricted access
to the full text of all published articles, all of Hindawi's open
access journals allow authors to retain the rights to their work
by releasing their articles under a Creative Commons Attribution

Following the rapid expansion of Hindawi's open access collection
in 2006, during which the collection increased from 12 titles to
their current number of 52, we are planning further expansions in
2007. Hindawi is confident that its open access business model is
scalable across a wide range of scholarly disciplines.

For more information please contact:

Paul Peters
Senior Publishing Developer
Hindawi Publishing Corporation
E-mail: paul.peters@hindawi.com

Hindawi Publishing Corporation is a rapidly growing STM publisher with
over 50 journals in its collection. The company web site is located at