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Re: informaworld - beta phase completion

Hi, Could you tell me how we can get accesss rights to the Counter reports?

Thank you.

Paul Wrynn
Associate Curator
NYU Medical Library

At 05:32 PM 12/15/2006, you wrote:
Apologies for cross posting

Taylor & Francis Group are delighted to announce the launch of
informaworld at www.informaworld.com

This marks the completion of our beta testing phase. We would
like to thank all who provided feedback on the site during its
beta phase. Your comments have helped to shape the product we
have launched today.

Our new site features all our journal, eBook, reference work and
abstract database products, bringing them together in one easily
searchable platform. Users will benefit from saved searches,
marked lists, and a variety of alerting services to give greater
control in the management of their research.

You should have received your username and password to access
your new informaworld account. If you do not have this
information please contact support@informaworld.com and our
online team can assist you. You can also find more information
and help at: http://www.informaworld.com/librarians_promoting

We hope you find informaworld a valuable and beneficial
improvement to managing your online resources.

Yours faithfully,
Jennifer McMillan
Librarary Marketing Manager
Taylor & Francis Group