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Announcement: Oxford Journals launch Chinese Journal of International Politics

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For further information please contact:

Mithu Mukherjee
Assistant Communications Manager
Oxford Journals
Oxford University Press

+44 (0)1865 354471

The first issue of the Chinese Journal of International Politics is now
available online: http://cjip.oxfordjournals.org/current.dtl


Collaboration between two University Presses brings first Chinese
peer-reviewed journal to a Western audience

Oxford Journals, a division of Oxford University Press, is 
delighted to announce the launch of The Chinese Journal of 
International Politics (CJIP), an English translation of China's 
first peer-reviewed journal of international studies.

The Journal, published in China as Science of International 
Politics, was launched in 2005 by Peking University Press on 
behalf of Tsinghua University's Institute of International 
Studies. Its launch today as an English language translation 
marks a new opportunity for researchers around the world to 
access high quality Chinese research into international security.

CJIP aims to advance the systematic and rigorous study of 
international relations. The journal will publish research 
products of historical studies and policy-oriented research, 
covering regional dynamics in East Asia; arms control and 
disarmament; military conflict and dispute settlement; 
globalization and domestic change; and international political 
economy, all from a uniquely Chinese viewpoint.

The venture has been made possible with funding from the 
MacArthur Foundation, one of the largest grant giving 
institutions in the world. CJIP furthers the Foundation's aim of 
strengthening the community of science and security experts, 
facilitating discussions of policy-oriented research, and 
supporting scholarly exchange with counterparts abroad. The 
Foundation has provided support for the publication of the 
journal over two years.

"Given the insights CJIP will provide on international security 
research in China, and its approach towards promoting high 
quality scholarship, we felt there was a very compelling case 
towards launching an English language version of the journal," 
commented Martin Richardson, Managing Director, Oxford Journals. 
He added:

"For both Oxford, and Peking University Press, increasing the 
dissemination of significant scholarly research is a major goal. 
We're delighted to be working with Peking and Tsinghua 
University's Institute of International Studies to bring this 
journal to a much wider audience."

The first issue of CJIP is published today, and can be accessed 
for free online. There will be two issues of CJIP in 2006 and 
2007. CJIP will be quarterly from 2008. Further information on 
the title is available on the website: 


For further information please contact:
Mithu Mukherjee
Assistant Communications Manager
Oxford Journals

+44(0)1865 354471

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