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RE: I have this article I need to find

What would you do, if, you did not find the article from Google 

The copyright statement idea is great and some vendors have done 
that at database level.  The major challenge is, that the 
statement can only be seen on campus (within the campus IP 

Of course, we can Ezproxy (or whatever) Google Scholar to bring 
users within campus IP range.  Then the next challenge is, would 
users bother to authenticate themselves when using Google 
Scholar? Or, would users come to library Web site to use Google 
Scholar that requires authentication and can lead them to library 

Finally, thanks so much for the posting, which is the last straw 
to make me add Google Scholar to my Ezproxy cfg file (I OpenURLed 
Google Scholar last year, but it only works on campus).

Xiaotian Chen
Electronic Services Librarian
Bradley University
Peoria, Illinois 61625