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RE: I have this article I need to find

I can see where it would be in the publisher's best interest to 
add the "brought to you by" message for the citations.  The IP 
range recognition behind the firewall continues to give the 
impression that many articles retrieved using Google appear to be 

If those who have financial control decrease allocations to 
libraries because they think so much is free on the internet how 
will library budgets be impacted? How many subscriptions will be 
canceled due to a lack of funding?

Audrey Bondar
Senior Information Resource Specialist
Henry Ford Hospital Sladen Library
Detroit, MI

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Subject: I have this article I need to find

So listen, I have this article I need to find. I know the
author's name and the title of the article. How do I find it.

What's the library response today?

The quickest response is go to google scholar and type in the
author's name in quotes (or the title in quotes). And click on
the link you get.

The teaching response is probably much longer, and to be honest,
with the depth of indexing in google scholar with only a few
major publishers holding out, a teaching response is probably
going to not do much more than slow the user down, or lose them
and send them to google rather than try to do it the "right" way.
Because the teaching response is first you pick a database. Which
database, well, that depends on what you know about the article,
the journal it's in, the date of the article. If a librarian
tries to send me to the library catalog, why should I go there, I
don't want the JOURNAL, I want the article. If you send me to a
database, someone has to determine first if the journal with the
date I want is IN a specific database. And I don't really NEED to
do that to get to many publisher website articles anymore.