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Re: Provosts' letter in support of FRPAA

Can someone explain the logic by which an "open letter" on Open Access is mounted in a hard-to-find manner on a Web site and then presented in a format that does not permit copying, pasting, and so forth? What a frustration!

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Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 3:28 PM
Subject: Provosts' letter in support of FRPAA


This past Friday I submitted a post to this LIST calling attention to an
open letter in support of FRPAA signed by 25 provosts.  The letter ran in
Inside Higher Ed, ARL posted it to its site, and others have picked up
long segments.  Nonetheless, the document URL I provided on Friday is
apparently restricted to the lucky few readers affiliated with the CIC, so
a better path to the letter is to go to the gateway page of the CIC site
(http://www.cic.uiuc.edu) and then follow the news link (An Open
Letter...) to the document.  It's worth a read, so I hope you find it.


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Center for Library Initiatives
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