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Re: Central site for IR

I am not sure why this would be a good thing.

For searching? Actually, Google Scholar does quite a robust job 
of finding the different postings of papers.

For preservation? Generally it is better NOT to have articles in 
only one location--like, say, the NIH, which is run by government 
with huge deficits and no stable long-term vision, subject to the 
whims of whatever administration or Congress is in power at any 
particular time. (Not to mention its location in a city with 
perhaps the highest risk of cyber- or other terrorism of anyplace 
on Earth).

Although I think we have not sufficiently considered the problems 
raised by institutional repositories (tracking usage of 
distributed documents, keeping tabs on versioning, accuracy of 
post-prints in sensitive fields like medicine, etc.), the idea of 
having one central IR may pose even more difficulties than the 
system Dr. Harnad advocates.

Peter Banks
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On 7/28/06 7:27 PM, "Richard Feinman" <RFeinman@downstate.edu> wrote:

> Wouldn't it be good to have a central site for IR supported by grants or
> all the institutions that wanted to use it as a repository?
> Richard D. Feinman, Co-editor-in-chief
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