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Re: Open Access Advantage (or Not!)


Your opening paragraph leads me to believe that there is an ideal study that will put to rest whether providing free issues in a traditional fee-based journal leads to 1) higher downloads and 2) more citations. Can you provide more details on which publishers you mean? If provided with the data, I would be happy to take this research on for the benefit of publishers, librarians and the public. Questions like this deserve to go beyond mere speculation.

--Phil Davis

At 07:48 PM 3/28/2006, you wrote:

Joe is right. The OA-advantage is just a visibility/ discoverability advantage. However, a few major publishers have seen some very strong correlations: between downloads and citations, and between visibility and downloads (e.g. articles in issues that are being made freely available, generally for promotional purposes, usually attract appreciably more downloads than comparable articles, e.g. in other, non-free issues of the same journal). This may well mean that a visibility/ discoverability advantage translates into a citation advantage.