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Investment Trust

Compliment of the day

I am Martins Viduka an account supervisory officer in a prime Bank in the Middle East. My duty involves administrative documentation of all daily deposits in the bank. I send this mail to seek your participation in this monetary project that would be of mutual benefit to both of us.

In the course of one of my daily routines, I discovered documents of a secret account called (Fixed Income Investment Banking Account) for 4years worth $9Million belonging to one of our customers Mr. George Duncan Raymond (Late) an American businessman killed in Iraq in 2004.

Most stunning of my discovery was that, all records bear no next of kin, meaning, no member of Mr. George Raymond family knows about the fixed account therefore, no member of his family will ever come forward to claim the money.

This revelation is only known to me. Now, I seek your collaboration to act as Next of Kin of late Mr. George Raymond to claim the funds and move them into useful investments. I know that you know a lot about investments, that is why I have come to you.

We shall split the cash between us in a ratio that would be negotiated between us upon confirmation of the funds in your account. Please note that by virtue of my position in the bank, I have worked out the perfect modality as well as I shall provide the relevant information/documents for the successful claim and transfer of the funds to any account provided by you

Be rest assured that, this project involve no risk. Upon the receipt of acceptance mail I will give you full detail of myself and as well furnish you with due process of concluding this transaction without any delay.

Awaiting your positive response,

Best regards,

Martins Viduka
Principal Partner