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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 10:41:20 -0500
From: Joshua Clarke <jclarke@pcgplus.com>
To: ann.okerson@yale.edu
Subject: PCG, ASM and CSIRO pioneer novel sales representation arrangement

Cambridge, MA USA; Washington, DC USA; Melbourne, Australia - 
March 27, 2006 - Publishers Communication Group (PCG), the 
American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and the Commonwealth 
Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) today 
announce a groundbreaking initiative which will see the 
publishing arms of these two organizations sharing two 
newly-enlisted sales representatives, to be recruited and managed 
by PCG, and based in PCG's Cambridge, MA and Oxford, UK offices.

The new sales team will be responsible for the sales and 
marketing cycle of print and online journals packages published 
by both groups, including sales representation at conferences and 
within targeted academic, corporate and government libraries and 
consortia in North America and Western Europe. Given the 
complementary subject matter of CSIRO PUBLISHING's scientific 
research publications and ASM's microbiology journals, PCG will 
engage staff with subject-related knowledge, which will enable 
them to sell both organizations' journals more effectively.

Douglas Wright, General Manager of PCG, commented, "PCG has 
longstanding, industry-leading experience in these markets and we 
are pleased to have initiated this relationship between two 
well-respected international publishers. We look forward to using 
our experience to promote and sell these two publishers' content, 
raise their profiles in the US and European library markets, and 
to create additional opportunities for libraries to license their 
high-impact journals."

Dr. Samuel Kaplan, Chair of the Journals Board at American 
Society of Microbiology, described the new arrangement as "an 
effort to enhance the exposure and availability of our nine 
quality basic research journals and our two quality review 
journals to a greater scientific audience.  It is an ideal way 
for us to achieve greater penetration in the US market and to 
maximize our impact on our potential market in Europe. PCG has 
distinguished themselves in their proactive approach to 
recognizing and addressing our needs."

Jennifer Griggs, Marketing Manager at CSIRO PUBLISHING, 
commented, "We didn't want our journals to be sold as just one 
part of a larger, diverse package, but the costs to employ 
dedicated sales staff in both regions were prohibitive. With the 
arrangement that PCG have coordinated, we can be confident our 
sales representatives have the appropriate knowledge to 
successfully sell our journals, while realizing cost savings by 
sharing the resources with ASM."

PCG is now actively recruiting sales professionals in North 
America and Europe to expedite the successful delivery of new 
business to ASM and CSIRO, to ensure maintenance of existing 
sales, and to provide high-quality client service on behalf of 
its publisher partners.



Douglas Wright
Vice President and General Manager
Publishers Communication Group, Inc.
Phone: +1 617-497-6514

Barbara Hyde
Director, Communications
American Society for Microbiology
Phone: +1 202-942-9206

Jennifer Griggs
Marketing Manager
Phone: +61 3 9662 7500

About PCG

Publishers Communication Group, Inc. is the marketing and sales
consultancy for scholarly and professional publishers, with locations in
Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Oxford, England. PCG was established in 1989
as a resource for scholarly publishers to more effectively work with the
global library market. PCG offers qualitative and quantitative marketing
research, international multi-lingual telemarketing services, UK- and
US-based customer services operations, sales representation, and strategic
consulting. www.pcgplus.com

About ASM

The American Society for Microbiology, headquartered in Washington, D.C.,
is the largest single life science association, with 44,000 members
worldwide. Its members work in educational, research, industrial, and
government settings on issues such as the basic microbiological sciences,
the environment, the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases,
laboratory and diagnostic medicine, and food and water safety. The ASM's
mission is to gain a better understanding of basic life processes and to
promote the application of this knowledge for improved health and economic
and environmental well-being. www.asm.org


CSIRO PUBLISHING operates as an independent science and technology
publisher with a global reputation for quality products and services. Our
internationally recognised publishing programme covers a wide range of
scientific disciplines, including agriculture, the plant and animal
sciences, and environmental management. CSIRO PUBLISHING is a self-funding
business unit within Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial
Research Organisation. www.csiro.au